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OK, I don't want to get confrontational, and never intended to be..

Posted 6/12/2012 at 5:30:24 PM

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and despite what you think I did read your OP 4 times before I wrote mine, and just read it twice more.  So when you wonder if I'm asking for clarification, I have to ask you what part of 'not sure what the point of your post is'  was unclear to you?   If all you wanted to do was open a dialogue on pricing, tht's a good thing.   But parts of your post do indeed sound like complaining about price creep.  Here's the part I'm talking about:
'IMO, I sense the following scenario is too often played out –
Lady A, with little to no reviews or was predominately known as a BP or agency lady (referencing price point only,) tries to market herself at a rate she sees other indy-TER ladies listing.  In turn, the TER lady sees this and justifiably thinks she is worth more and raises her rates.  What gets lost is Lady A typically doesn’t get that higher rate with any consistency or is not around very long.  And then with everyone advertising a higher rate, touring lady B thinks she should be able to come to ATL and command this new established rate.  When it doesn’t happen, she is told business is slow or ATL is not a good touring city.'

So in short, I still do not know what point you were trying to make.  Most of us (I never say all) understand the price-setting by ladies & choosing by gents dynamic.  And I too have limits (and irrelevant if they're different from anyone else's) and make decisions based on them.  So if the scenario above where your Lady A prices her services at the same level as more experienced/known ladies, and your TER lady raises her rates as a result, is not complaining about price creep, then again, what exactly was your point?


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