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That just sucks... 

Posted 6/1/2012 at 10:57:43 AM

that happened to you!  I'm hoping she was having cell issues & she really didn't hang up on you.  I've heard nice things about you.
I'm like some ladies, I don't like texts from new clients for myself.  I prefer email contact first, then we can do the phone call & once I've seen you, yes you can text me.
In my case, being that I answer the phones for several ladies, texting just doesn't work for new clientale.  Several girls I work for use a "dumb phone" (like Khori says) that I have in my possession and I'm not texting on that.  I'm Iphone spoiled! LOL.  Some forward their phone to me or have that annoying google phone thing.  (not dissing those who use it, it's just me who doesn't like it being an assistant).  So I guess I'm old school; pick up the phone & dial.  I like to talk anyway! hehehe
I'm sure you have a bucket list honey, move to the next girl on it.  Happy Hobbying!!


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