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Re: Join the club girl. Sorry, but report it. If you can provide

Posted 5/31/2012 at 7:42:59 PM

Some of these guys are pathetic... I feel bad for them. They couldn't get a beautiful woman in their real life if they wanted. So they down talk providers to make themself feel like a man when their really not.

I love 95% of the men I meet, they treat me so good and make me very happy.

But this ass hole can kiss my ass. I dont even know who it was because i never had a bad experience and the things he wrote do not make sense of any of my clients.

Oh wow yeah the one thing he said was i am curvy yeah that means Im not a STICK

maybe he should of gotten a 100 pound girl to satisfy him instead of a curvy sexy brazilian..


Who cares they are just outkast- the guys who write these bad reviews and add false info into them

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