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Encounter with PIMP 

Posted 6/3/2012 at 6:42:59 AM

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Ok, so i met a girl a few months back in NY and seen her for an hour first then a couple of overnights, a great time was had by both parties. We kinda kept in touch by the odd txt here and there and everything was pretty cool..  Last few weeks she sent me a couple of wierd txts saying she was having a rough time but was coping.. I'm from overseas so we never spoke but the odd txt was ok as after all its just biz.  So it was my third day and i was doing the norm of straight out of bed, avoid the tourists and hit the pub! A couple of beers later she txted saying she was close by and wanted to stop by, i was like ok cool.  Anyways she had a few drinks and went to the bathroom, 30 mins later she was still there and i just thought she was on the phone or something when the waitress came to me and said she was asleep in there!  Anyways i ended up taking her back to my hotel and she slept it off for the next 5 hours.  She eventually woke up but couldnt find her phone, it was probs left in the pub, she said her roommate would be going nuts if she didnt call him,  the words pimp/boyfriend where creeping into my head at this point but she had already told me that she was lodging with a husband and wife couple when she couldnt afford her own place.. So im like ok, lemee take u over in a cab its all ok..  On the way over she said he might threaten me about money so i said to her is he your pimp? She said no, she keeps all her own money, he just looks out for her!  Fun eh!  We arrived at this shitty looking appartment block somewhere on 72nd i think and we go in the hallway and out he comes, steam coming out of his ears , sleezy italian looking shouting in a voice like he was the godfather!  And a big fucking dog in tow!  This went on for a few minutes and he was trying to put it accross that he was just looking out for her, but u know when something aint ok and she was terrified. He then says he's going inside to put his shoes on and after a min she followed him inside, the threatening from him got worse and it was a tricky situation cos i could deal with the shouting but if he starts hitting her then that aint ok..  A few minutes passed and they came out and we walked outside, now it was minus the dog so the odds were pretty even so i was thinking do i just take him down or wait it out?  I was pretty much alert but it was still his country and 4am so i'm playing this out..  He calmed out for a second then started asking her right in front of me what shes doing, how much , when she is getting paid and she was like everything is ok, but he wasnt having it so enough was enough and i said to him go fuck off back in your house cos she is a friend and everything is good!  That went down pretty well , apparently i disrespected him!  Anyways after he flexed his arms a bit he stormed off and i said to her lets get out of here!  So we crossed the road and u can never get a cab just when u need one, and yes he returned to the other side of the road! She crossed back over and yes wait for it, he started kissing her!!! That was a pretty sick sight and suddenly everything made sense!
So im now thinking i dont need this and about to hop in a cab when he goes away and she comes back over, i said  pimp? she says no, he doesnt take my money but i need a place to stay!  Decision time again, so we go back to the hotel and i finally explain to her the hard truth of the situation and finally she starts being honest , she says she doesnt like him  but needs a place to stay, so i tell her just get out of the situation, go home , anything is better than that shit! Anyways we decide its best if she goes or he will get mad with her, so i give her some $ cos i knew if she goes with nothing he will most certainly hit her, then she leaves, but returns 5 mins later saying that she wanted to warn me that she called him from downstairs and he is gonna come over! I'm like yeh tell him my room no. no probs and that was about it apart from 2 phone calls 30 mins later which were probs him but a pissing competition over the phone is bs so i didnt answer..
So that was pretty much my 3rd night in NYC!
Did i handle the situation correctly?  I don't even know that myself...  
Should i have floored the guy?  Would have made me feel better, but i dare bet wouldnt have helped her out too much!
It certainly opens your eyes to some harsh reality!! Its not all fun and games..
Anyways you heard it here first if you read in the papers, "tourist in bust up with pimp"

If nothing else its a new read for the board!

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