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Posted 5/27/2012 at 8:24:20 PM

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Location: a PA university campus
time: 1 am approx
I was with some friends walking back
from bar hopping to our campus dorm
when we came across some coeds ...
We started talking ... One chic approached
me: what's your name?
Me: "Sub"
chic: are you tasty like a sub?
Me: yes.
Chic: really?
Me: my dorm is next door, wanna find out?

It worked. We had brkfst next morning
at the dorm cafeteria.

Now you know!!!


Posted By: CaitlinKincaid
Me: Hey you wanna play a game?

Him: Sure

Me: Its called just the tip

I think my civi friends think I am a slut.
What is the craziest thing some chic has said to you for a hookup? The hot guy I said it to about spit his drink out. It worked though!


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