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Posted 5/24/2012 at 10:14:17 AM

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Posted By: whitneycox
Ok I was just pondering about some things that I have come across in my time of providing and was just wondering if I could get some feedback on them:)

1) When a provider comes to you on an outcall do you prefer jeans and a t-shirt or a nice dress and all made up?

I prefer made up but sometimes I just like casual/comfy if it's someone I've seen a few times. Less make-up/cologne, the better, for me.

2)Do you prefer a blond or a brunette?

Yes! Seriously, hair color is not an issue. Whatever shade you're most confident wearing suits me best. Beauty wise, I feel Confidence > Shade(hair, skin, whatever). Hair wise, kept hair is a must. No rat nests, please.

3)Do you like your women to be thin or thick?

Proportional. Not too top heavy, Not too bottom heavy. 3/2/3 ratio-ish.

4) Do you prefer Big Boobs or little boobs?

Boobs about equal to butt from front or side is preferable. I tend to see bigger boob women, but mega-implants are a turn-off, for me.

5)Do you prefer Indy girls or agency girls?  Why?

Prefer the right girl for the mood I'm in. No preference for agency vs indy - can't tell much difference in quality of service.

6) Do you prefer a hotel or a apartment?

Hotel sex is best.

7) Do you prefer a 30 min session or a hour session?

90 mins to 2 hour sessions preferred.

8)What do you prefer to drink? Mixed Drink, Beer, Wine, or Water? Or are you like me and a soda junkie:) LOL

Water is best for me. I'm a light drunk.

9)Do you prefer GFE or PSE?

GFE. PSE just seems like acting and fake (to me).

10)How do you prefer to contact the girls? Phone, text or email?

email for initial contact.

OK OK Ok I know thats alot of questions and most of them have already been covered on and off through out the year, but this way all the answers will right here for any new girls who come along:)  

Nice Post, Whitney. Kind of a FAQ for the gals.


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