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Re: I want to know

Posted 5/7/2012 at 6:09:00 PM

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Misappropriated funds? No money for law enforcement activity?  With all due respect, what planet are you living on?  The budgets are unlimited for the pursuit of criminal activity, the clean-up thats in progress, read the NYT's and see what they are up too..  When law enforcement has a reason for their activity the funds are available.  Just think, what are the goals of the Eastside soccer mom and 5 yrs of investigation?  If there is a history and LE wants to shut down an operation they will at any cost. Maybe they know more than all combined as to what is really happening at this famous house and who is associated with this operation that they really target.  Squeeze the johns, get the hierarchy?
Just the money they recover in an operation pays for the investigation.  cash businesses yield no taxes, prosecution, fines yield profits.


Posted By: OctaviaNYC_
Where the money came from for this project! Are these misappropriated funds? I find this hard to believe but thats JMHO


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