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Posted 5/6/2012 at 8:48:49 AM

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Just to inform the members:  LE is on the prowl setting up surveillance and busting johns of a very famous high volume NYC house with two locations: Eastside and Westside.

LE TARU (wearing their wind breakers) squad was installing cameras late at night - mid block - pointing to the entrances to the locations in the direction of the house. They are the only occupants of this location so, you put two and two together.

Remember the NYT article of the past week, they are not interested in the working girls, they are interested in arresting the johns and hitting them under the new law for up to 1 yr vs the old 90 days.

Caution alert to all who frequent this establishment.  With face recognition software now available and being used for everything, they know who you are just from your digitized drivers lic picture.


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