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Re: No longer sharing information

Posted 5/4/2012 at 11:37:37 AM

You sound as if you're actually surprised that your fellow clients would backstab you and betray your confidence just to get in good with the working girls. You do realize that all the players in the game, both clients and working girls alike, are NOT exactly the most virtuous people, right?

Maybe you don't. Based on your altruistic posts about bending over backwards to help every working girl in distress, it's conceivable possible that you're honestly naive in wishing how things would be instead of realizing how they are.


Posted By: WillyJohnson
I will no longer be sharing any information regarding any providers through pm or other back channel forms. Some of the people who I have shared pertinent information with have once again felt it necessary to share it with that provider in an effort to try to create problems for me. I am tired of dealing with the immature mf's on this board. Any info you see from me will be in reviews and those will be damned few and far between.

Don't pm me telling me it wasn't you or that it was taken out of context. I really don't care. If you have questions ask the providers themselves. I am taking care of me from now on.



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