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Posted 4/30/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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With all of the Celebrity Sex Tapes out there, with all the scandals of sexy pictures over Twitter and Facebook. why would anyone engaged in any sexual activity think that a camera in the room means anything less than World Wide Web exposure? Why doesn't everyone presume, perhaps wrongly, that a camera in the room means you're consenting to seeing yourself on some random free video porn site spreading malware?

I've seen a number of customers in my personal business, particularly females, who have had to live with the shame of an alcohol coerced BJ (gangbang, etc.) video sent through school/college/work. hey, we were all young and dumb once, right? I know for certain that the providers I've seen are aware of this consequence, and when they say discrete - they are aware of all of what that entails.

Inform her if you wish, but if she's a pro like you say, then I think you're wasting your efforts.

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