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revised thoughts

Posted 4/26/2012 at 11:23:44 AM

I posted my opinion on this topic in a thread below.  Others came behind and suggested my thoughts "might" work for a a couple of weeks at best, but then it would fizzle out.  Others suggested it was too difficult to manage and to keep it simple.  Okay, not gonna argue - I can see the reasoning in those that posted those sentiments.

So, much like when I am fixated on a specific lady's anatomical area and it obviously isn't working for her - time for a new plan.  - Screw the cutesy / forced themes and change the body parts.

Monday - Ass shots
Tuesday - Tit shots
Wednesdays - Facial expressions
Thursday - Legs and/or feet
Friday - location shots - bath, beach, sunbathing
Saturday - Dress up or down - the entire body shot (nude, evening wear, lingerie - etc.)
Sunday - Accessorize  (adult toy, stuffed animal, jewelry, whatever)

Clearly, there seems to be a preference for the candid feel over the pro photographer shot, but I would think if someone starts posting the same pic over and over that this would be reflected in lack of views.  Surely, we guys are capable of deciding for ourselves whose pics we wish to look at versus ignore.

And once again - I creep back into my lurker corner.

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