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Re: Can we get a feature to like reviews?

Posted 4/23/2012 at 8:05:21 AM

I agree that DER441's review of Maryann was well-written. It certainly offered a much better description of the activities offered and providers appearance (good and bad) than some of the other writeups that pass for reviews (I'm amazed at how some short writeups even qualify as TER reviews).


Posted By: marnash54
I read DER441's review of his double with Mary Ann and Erika...That was the best review I've read in a long time.

Well written, descriptive, just the right amount of detail, and all around awesome.  I wished it were me, who am I kidding I'm jealous!  If you have a chance, read it...Well done've got me thinking about a double, but I doubt I could capture the events like you did in that review!

Admin, MODs, Gods 7 Goddesses of the TER site...I think it would be awesome if we could like each others reviews.  It may prompt more folks to post reviews (I know many don't), it also gives us some ideas for meetings (I know I'm intrigued about a double).

Last year I nominated Sir C for his review and from it came the comment "Mix in a salad" (which is still classic).

For 2012 I nominate DER441's review as top review so far.

Well done sir!


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