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Re: My definition

Posted 4/22/2012 at 9:34:12 AM

Pussy man, breast man, ass little time to enjoy it all, right? (my friend is shaking her head as she's reading these posts--I am winning the bet).  At the end of the day it is about mutual pleasure and really enjoying the touch, taste and responsiveness of the breast to the touch.  Ever woman in my family always said the same quote as your friend but I think it was a way of trying to make me feel good about being a late bloomer and later having small boobs (they were all C-D sizes).

I have felt two types of enhancements: saline and silicone and nothing beats the feel of silicone especially in the hands of a well trained surgeon and the latest advancements in manufacturing. Bad jobs distort the feel of the breast and yeah...I like alot of what you list here, hee, hee!

Seems like you have gotten yourself all worked up! Enjoy your day and enjoy the boobs ( . )( . )

Alexandria Fox

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