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The wife’s tennis partner

Posted 4/17/2012 at 7:45:08 PM

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I show up at the lady’s apartment to drop off some things she left at our house.  She is getting ready to play tennis and is dressed in a “smoking hot” tennis outfit with her hair up in a ponytail and her legs silky smooth and glistening with sun tan oil. (I’m envisioning Reece right now)  

She has me put the things in the kitchen.  It’s a hot day so she offers me a drink.  She goes to the refrigerator to get the drinks and bends over for me to see her great ass in a thong.  As we are enjoying our drink, she mentions that her neck and shoulders are hurting and would I rub them for her.  

We are standing up in the kitchen I’m rubbing her shoulders and then she backs her ass up against me just enough to touch.  She is still flirting and waiting for me to make the next move.  After a minute I ask her if her back is hurting also and she says yes.  I tell her to put her hands on the counter and bend over so I can rub her back.  When she assumes the position I press myself against her ass and put my hands up under her skirt and we are off to the races!!!

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