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There is widespread dumbness everyday

Posted 4/17/2012 at 4:58:25 AM

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IMHO, not a day goes by that you won't see stupidity on the part of both providers and clients.  For example, what jury do you think would ever believe that a girl is not engaged in some kind of illegal activity when she publishes a website that list 50 sexual acts that she has on her menu?  What guy is going to survive an inquiry from a significant other, LE, etc  when he asks who is available, or who will do this, who squirts, who takes it in the ass, etc....

I think this site leads to complacency and a total disgregard for the obvious.  Not a day goes by that someone doesn't post something that self incriminates.  Folks don't even seem to realize that its a public website and as such, anyone can read what is posted here.  So yes, there is dumbness all around.

Ditto for many of the new girls who come along.  They all seem to be jail house lawyers.... Oh, my ad says no LE allowed therefore if a cop shows up I'm protected because he didn't abide by my "rules"... LOL .... And of course, oh, he let me touch him so if he tries to arrest me that's entrapment.. LOL ... And of course, let's not ignore the obvious rat trap hotels that many choose to use which are infested with just about every illegal activity known to man, and who amongst us thinks for one minute that LE doesn't know that and doesn't keep a watchful eye on places like that.

There is an old saying, "you can lead a horse to water"..... most folks are not open to the concept of receiving advice for their own good.  They view such things as being none of your business, and most times, they think they already know it all and you're just some dumbass trying to manipulate them for reasons unknown.

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