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Posted 5/15/2012 at 5:08:42 AM

Sorry I missed your post earlier, but if you are ever in the area again, consider me.  I definitely fulfill your requirements and then some ;)


Posted By: hotsparks81
I am looking for the right New special lady.
I would like to possibly meet for a drink and/or lunch near 94&50 by Kenosha.
I am a RS2K Member and in my late 40s.
What I am looking for is a lady that is from 30-45 that knows what a man enjoys and can engage in a good conversation over lunch on a variety of topics.  She would have to know what the term business casual dress means but also can still be a woman underneath in Lingerie and a Garter Belt. She must have at least 5 Reviews on TER.  If your the kind of woman that can work on getting all those stress knots out of my back then send me a PM.

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