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It's just you,lol, and backpage BS

Posted 1/11/2012 at 1:45:58 PM

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Cincinnati is barren as hell dude. There are a gaggle of scammers that regularly post fake pics on backpage, not sure if its any worse than other places. The providers that are real on there are pretty rough looking for the most part. Backpage Cincy is either TGTBT pics run by scammers or a big drop down in physical appearence, real providers, mostly really rough.

Outside of girls who travel through on tours, which are not very common unforchanatly, its largely a wasteland unless you go for milf wannabees,lol. Basically here it seems that a milf is any provider over 35, regardless of physical appearance, its depressing it really is.

I now notice that one of the hottest women ever to be based here, Cheyenne Autumn no longer has an ad on eros, not sure where she has disappeared to. She was flawless physically, performance was YMMV. Another girl, Heather, I think she is/was out of Dayton, also recently dropped her ads as well. She had good reviews but her schedule restraints kept me from seeing her.

All and all, Cincy is a pit as far as this game goes. I have come to think that the city might have a glut of hobbyists that like playing on the cheap and that prevents the place from being a big touring destination.

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