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Re: It's a pyrhic victory of sorts, but a win is a win....

Posted 4/29/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

Unfortunately he says he is not going to file a suit.  But disbarred Thomas already probably has many and would be too costly to sue vs unlikely to collect even if won.

Does not appear to help the rest of the almost 100 that took DD felonies and now 39 Phoenix Temple folks.

I posted the original link - so far does not seem reported in the Phoenix media just his prior hometown.

The back story is apparently he was misidentified at a meet-and-greet as someone else.  He also was friends with Paul the DD founder and used his credit card Paul loaned him for a travel emergency.

The key is he admits to being a customer and posting reviews so should have only had a misdemeanor and 15 days in Tent City - not a felony as he hard no part in running DD but was pressured into taking a felony plea vs scared into much longer prison term if didn't.  Exactly the issue now with Phoenix Temple 39 - big status conference on Monday and new judge for trials for those that don't plea - don't many will - 1 so far to a felony

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