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Its NOT difficult to get people's information!

Posted 4/26/2012 at 6:02:08 PM

We live in the information age, last I checked!! It does NOT take a smart person to find out details of another person's personal life.  And smart people do not use these details for their scheming and manipulative ways.
I am contacting police. But yes, I am doing it through a lawyer. I am taking the action needed to protect my family against human evil. I do think I know who it is. The letters are being analyzed right now.....I may do something with the info I get if this continues. If SHE stops, I wont continue to engage in this warfare she seems to thrive on, being the drama junkie that she is, but if I get another letter, I will take the necessary stpes. I have many friends and connections and ways of staying safe. And what kind of monster brings children into her childish games? What good mother doesnt become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to protecting her children? And what kind of mother makes a threat against someone else's children?
She is also in the same line of work as I am, but insists on calling me degrading names like hooker and slut. It is cowardly that she cannot just face me and tell me these things in person, or even sign a name!!...... but resorts to this lowly, pathetic form of terrorism and bullying. She doesnt scare me. I have integrity, she does NOT.
For now, Im going to focus on my family and my clients and moving forward with my life. If she continues, well, I have to do what is needed to keep my family safe from this sort of evil.
What she is doing and is threatening to do is a crime with serious consequences. Prostitution is a misdemeanor. She is engaging in felony activity, which doesnt surprise me, given her history. Her prints are already in the database.....Hopefully she is wise enough to go away and do her OWN life.

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