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Thank you HV....

Posted 4/25/2012 at 7:55:31 PM

I believe in Karma as well....this stuff always comes back, no matter what. That's just how the Universe is. It requires balance.
This person seems extremely upset about a documentary that I have a SMALL part in and she's calling me a "wana be movie star" me, that sounds like petty girl stuff. I mean, would a guy seriously care? To me, it screams a jealous, angry female that wants me to know Im not "all that"....
I did not know about the plastic bags, so thanks for that tidbit of valuable info.
I have a friend that was harrassed by an abusive BF. She was afraid to go to LE because of obvious reasons! BUT that's what the bullies are banking on...that we wont go to police. I think I may have to. I do have some friends in LE that know what I do. I will talk to them also.
She did go to police and his bullying threats didnt affect their case against him in the least.
Im hoping the same for my situation as I will be going to the police if more letters come. Ive already spoken to the post office and they can only go ahead with investigating if the police give the go ahead I guess.
Anyhow, thanks to all who have helpful suggestions on how to deal with this difficult situation.

Luv Hilary

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