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Yes, very threatening or I would not have come to the boards...

Posted 4/25/2012 at 5:19:24 PM

I had a lawyer look at them. The writer is threatening me to stop this work or SHE will send out mass mailings and will contact the police as she knows where my incall is. These letters are pretty pathetic with name calling and very bad sentence stucture and grammar and I would LOVE to just throw them away as they are from a bottom dwelling low life that seems to be wasting her life obsessing over me rather than maybe getting an education. I know it's from someone in the industry as she knows alot about my rates, postings on TER and my reviews.
I will, in fact, throw them away after they come back from getting analyzed....if need be. Sending threats via federal mail is a serious offense and I will not hesitate to press charges. She sent a pic of my home and states, "I wonder which bedroom is yours".....ridiculous shit like that. Im not afraid...just pissed off more than anything. Plus, she speaks of my childrena dn wonders if they know that their mom is a whore. Yes, very threatening....Maybe some medication would help her. I guess it could be a HIM. I feel that He/She is very unstable and will stop at nothing to eliminate some competition....


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