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I am getting hate letters in the mail....snail mail.....

Posted 4/25/2012 at 12:24:21 PM

They are so silly....talking about me being  a slut and a whore, NOT a courtesan. I guess they think sex is a VERY BAD thing. They speak of me being married twice, which they say makes me a whore. Gosh, I know a lot of whores then too! haha! They speak of very personal info and even sent a pic of my home (a pic off of google maps though)...and they say they "wonder which room is my bedroom! They say I fucked a pimp.....which I never did.
They say I will go to jail and that no one will be there to help the drug addict whore Hilary Holiday....It goes on and on and strange!
Maybe it's blackmail??
But I have children and they are very threatening. Im coming to the boards because I am so baffled. Im thankful of this industry and how it has helped me....thank god I am moving out of it can be tough on a girl too!
Everyone knows who I am and I show my face......I have no family, so that doesn't matter to me, even though they threaten to expose me to friends and family! I really have nothing to hide, so Im not sure what they want? No motives have been stated. All the person or persons seem to be doing is trying to make me feel "less than".....
Im not sure if this post is ok, but I am sort of seeking advice from the community.
There is also this same thread posted on the Minnesota board....for more info, comments, etc.
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.....

Thanks, Hilary

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