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The facts of life.. 

Posted 4/21/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

My views on LE is that they are needed in society to keep order and hendar violent crimes from happening. Not to mention that they keep us safe from harm or offer assistance. My only issue is with how VICE operates and the offenses they use to inflict mental pain. Take for example when they sting strip clubs,escort agencies,massage parlors,bikini bars{burlesque venues) and independent call girls. If they would attempt to treat some of us with respect then most of us would or may offer in return? LOL. When they arrest an indy girl they treat her like she's the worse of the 'Worst". If the sex business is really an eye sore on western society then why don't they request thru the attorney general's office and congress. To shut down strip joints,webcams,1-900 lines,porn films,escort agencies,swinger's clubs,nude beaches,etc. Not a chance in hell..............! We all have different views,religious beliefs but I will be dammed if a male pig will tell me that my discreet affairs should be criminalized!! Most of the time that they waste investigating us and engaging in shady practices. Could be used on the war on immigration,teenage violence(child abuse cases,child porn,child predator's) and national security infractions....Peace...


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