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I learned that cops don't have a sense of humor when you embarrass them in court..

Posted 4/18/2012 at 7:11:44 PM

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I caught the cop in an obvious lie using his own testimony- he completely contradicted himself and said he pursued me while going 65 mph until he caught me, but said I was going 85 mph.  Exactly how does that work?

I was actually going the speed limit of 55 because I saw him from the very beginning, and this was a well-known trap area, but I was on a bike and cops hate bikes.

Despite making his testimony look like the lie that it was, I still got the ticket.  Then the cop cornered me in the hallway and said if I ever set foot in his town again he'd arrest me on sight!  Hey, officer, if you don't want to sound stupid in court, keep your mouth shut next time.  Otherwise, I can't help you.

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