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Posted 4/16/2012 at 9:59:34 AM

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I am referring to metropolitan Chicago area and I guess you are referring to Boston area, but I think activities and risk of getting caught are probably similar. My experience is girls are more friendly and cooperative in these places but it is also hit and miss and sometimes language barrier becomes difficult to overcome . Thanks for your input. Play safe!


Posted By: Bostonguy57
Now I avoid these places like the plague.  The only two times I've come close to getting caught were at setups like this.  One was a rented house the other an apartment in a complex. One got busted the night I was going to go there (I saw LE on the front porch and drove away) the other got busted within a few days of my visit. Places like this are generally high volume with a variety of both providers and customers coming and going.  Sooner or later the neighbors notice this and it doesn't take long for them to figure out what is going on and call LE.  No one wants a brothel operating in their neighborhood.

The only way to avoid trouble is not to go in the first place.


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