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The Owners of Companions Escort Agency convicted of Tax Fraud

Posted 4/9/2012 at 3:04:25 AM

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Roy and Jodi Hoskins, owners of
Companions went to prison for tax evasion.

The link below is about Jodi's
appeal of the sentencing, Its
lengthy, but the paragraph I'm
referring to is the 8th one down,
where it states:

"The district court pointed to the prostitution activities of Companions' escorts and applied a two-level enhancement because it found Hoskins “failed to report or to correctly identify the source of income exceeding $10,000 in any year from criminal activity.” USSG § 2T 1.1(b)(1)."

I didn't know you had to report
income from criminal activity????
I would think it would be normal
not to report it, and the judges
should understand that!!!!

In Paragraph 6 it states:

"After an investigation, the government discovered that Companions received at least $1,053,552 in credit-card payments alone in 2002. Further, because Companions escorts explained that the company received 50–70% of its payments in cash, the government projected the cash intake for 2002 was equal to the credit-card receipts. Thus, the government estimated that Companions' 2002 gross receipts were $2,107,104—more than $1.2 million in excess of the income claimed by the Hoskinses. "

Which brings up for me a couple of
How much do large agencies make a year,
It must be a lot!!!

How many people pay with a CC, I saw 3
girls from Companions, and I always paid
in cash!!!

And the link below is to a movie
trailer that was made about Jodi
and her business, called "American Ho".
I think it was made before she went
to prison.

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