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Relax, dude...

Posted 4/10/2012 at 8:11:43 AM

I wasn't trying to insult you.  Quite a few providers have been hurt and one has even lost her life providing this kind of service.  The gentleman she saw passed the screening process.  It's one I wouldn't recommond any provider to do.  Safety is always the first priority, you can't get better than that.  From a provider's point of view, I wouldn't recommend anyone to offer this service for their own safety.

I'm not against this act itself, if you have someone you have a good personal relationship with and want to do it, fine.  To each their own, I don't judge the act itself.  It's just a dangerous service for a provider to offer.  

If a provider is comfortable enough to do it, it's most certainly her choice.  As a provider, I would never offer this or encourage someone else to offer it.  

I don't know who you are so I can't comment on the fact you have seen me before I moved into porn.  You very well may have seen me, I simply don't know who you are at this moment.  Why you mentioned porn is beyond me, it has nothing to do with this thread.


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