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Need some advise 

Posted 1/24/2012 at 5:03:29 PM

I had been seeing this guy for about 6 months and the last 3 months we have not been in a relationship as I told him I didn't want to be in one anymore I of course didn't tell him the reason why was so that I could become a provider at least not right away mainly cus in all the time we were in a relationship we would argue and I notice that our arguments got to be very regular and became more and more aggressive and down right nasty to the point of threatening me with violence. Now when I met him he had just found out his ex girlfriend had cheated on him with not one guy but 2 at the same time and if that was enough she then slept with one other guy the same day which she ended up staying with. Well he found out as she had sent him a MMS of her giving oral and many other sexual acts. Now what he did next should have sounded alarm bells for me but it didn't most likely cus I am not a cheater I would just assume end a relationship then do my thing so I didn't feel i would find myself in her situation. At any rate he trash talked her online badly emailed her family made a website of nothing but this ex and her nude pix and a lot of personal info and it got bad he become very obsessed looking and searching for stuff day and night. Well as I said I ended the relationship and didn't tell him about becoming a provider not at first but since we had broken up we were getting along much better he was giving me my space and the arguing had almost all but stopped. So though I didnt need to tell him it did bother me that he would get the information and it wouldn't be from me and that might set him off wrong so I went to him and explained that I was going to start making appt & he was great about it really for a week it was great but then last Fri all holy hell broke loose & the fun began as he had spoke to a hobbyist on here who had wrote a review on me (which is very incorrect all over the place I have asked for it to be removed twice now and have yet to get a reply) At any rate he claims he got in touch with this gentleman who left this review and that the hobbyist was very fourth coming and very helpful in discussing the session and so on. First is that proper? Can that be done? Should that be done? is there any rules regarding this type of thing? My privacy I feel has been violated in the worst way. To add injury to insult my ex not only spoke to this hobbyist he then to posted a review on my profile and then proceeded to attack my reputation making comments on my pix and trying to ruin me. He even sent me an email and texts telling me he was going to do this, and I just think this has to be illegal? He has ruined my rep already as I was getting a min of 3 calls a day but since Fri which was my busiest day as well as Mondays I have gotten 3 calls total. Now I cant pick up and move I have kids here and strong ties which reminds me he sent my grown kids texts telling them everything and sending them the links so needless to say not 1 of my 4 kids are really talking to me. I need some help some advice something to help me combat or better still contain the damage he has done thus far. Please help..........................

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