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Even MORE ridiculous

Posted 1/18/2012 at 9:26:51 PM


Posted By: NinaSweetGFE
You are not supposed to ask questions especially tough ones... about the service anyway tho right??? OMG...Your thinking about doing something legally...WOW

And that's where this gets both more ridiculous and also quite clear:

If YOU suspect trouble, a trap, entrapment or LE, what do YOU do?  You GET OUT, ASAP, and do everything in a way to avoid incriminating yourself. The "LE check" does not protect you!  Just get out.

You do not ask for the money, demand the money, ask for a cancellation fee, make threats (to someone you now think might be LE) ...  "Well, officer, if you'd just give me my $700 I'll be going now."

It seems to me that they were there to rob the guy. Pure and simple, regardless of what questions he asked.

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