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Should have called the police immediately and had photos taken

Posted 1/17/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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In Utah if you cancel with a provider your not obligated to give
them anything. If they want a cancellation fee, its a civil issue,
They must take you to court to get it.

Call the Police immediately and get testimony down on paper,
that will ensure he doesn't do it again.  That will scare him more
than anything else.

If you still have bruises get photos taken.  LE is not going
to believe their testimony over yours.  Ushering her out
the door shouldn't be illegal. But use the word ushered
don't say push or forced.  Ask your neighbors if they
heard anything.  Get their accounts, if they heard you.

I had a similar thing happen to me years ago, I cancelled
and her driver demanded the money and I said no, she hit
me in the head with her purse, (she must of had rocks in there)
I called and got a case number, but I didn't go down to the station
to sign anything or look at pictures of her,  so it never went to court
but it is still a police file which can be brought up by me later if I want.

You did nothing illegal, nothing to be ashamed of.


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