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Posted 1/10/2012 at 5:21:56 PM

as a provider, a guy who uses a throw away phone scares me. With the understanding u need to be discreet the provider u choose should understand that & not call u back unsolicited. I will refuse any client that calls from a payphone or a throw away phone if I know that's what it is...the reason is for safety (as is what I tell prospective clients when they call or write). I understand u can't take a chance & get caught (I can't either for both of us, one it's money if I get you in trouble, two it's money if I get caught), & SO's can be very vindictive so we appreciate that you don't get caught.
I've heard some providers try to call clients & create drama. My personal feeling that should be the only reason for reviews of a provider, to state whether there was drama of any kind before, during, & even after.....Having the guys phone number or name gives me a little security but even so, it's not a sure thing....I've been robbed twice by the same hobbyist & robbed & beaten by another (actually before I got into the actual biz) the 2nd time there were no questions it was him & having his number & name encouraged him to admit & return the money (after a polite message left on his voicemail he cud drop it off or I could come pick it up at his house,lol), we've not seen each other again...
My point, I don't know.... I prefer u don't use a throw away phone, but you do need to protect yourself & the provider, your SO finding out isn't good for me.
Maybe that's some of the reasons the girls have big boyfriend types lurking around, the throw away phones take away our security.


Posted By: gorbasim
I f I do not have a SO to worry about do I need to have a seperate hobby cell phone?  I reside in GA, if that makes a difference, and I am wondering if they will really try and get you through a few phone calls.  If I do need a seperate cell phone is the Trac Phone the best?  I have seen a few posts about cell phones but they didn't seem to address exactly what I am after.


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