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Interesting encounter with cop

Posted 1/7/2012 at 10:25:17 AM

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Several years ago, I was driving through a small rural village near my new home.  I was lost; did not have a GPS at that time, and was searching for directions.  Well, I came upon a police car on the side of the road with its lights flashing so I decided to pull over and ask the officer for some help.  Innocently, I got out of the car and approached the officer to get directions.  Well, the young cop (about 21 yrs old) jumped out of the cruiser and pulled out his weapon and pointed it at me and told me to drop to my knees and raise my hands above my head.  I tried to explain that I just needed some directions, but he continued to demand that I drop to my knees.  I don't know what came over me, but I got really pissed.  I told him "fuck you, if you want to shoot me you are going to have to shoot me in the back" as I turned around and walked back to my car. I was so fucking mad that I truly did not care if he shot me in the back.  I guess it must have been the supplements I was taking to get big in the gym.  To my astonishment the cop did nothing, he did not even try to pull me over as I drove past his cruiser.  A few years later I was working out at a local gym and made friends with a cop from the same town. I told him the story and he just laughed and said the cop that pulled me over was known for being an asshole and was a pussy.  We just laughed and went back to working out together.

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