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Re: One thing that all seekers should keep in mind....regular_smile
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True, however if we eliminated all duplicate questions and other questions and comments we have seen before the boards posts would be even less lively than they are now.

I vote for a Love Goddess look a like.


I will miss her. She was a font of good information and had the educational credentials to back it up.

I know she sometimes got snippy with people (even but I never held that against her and thought she enlightened many of us on topics most of us needed professional answers on and now there are no other sources for this type of information at TER.

Will admins be getting someone else with LG type credentials to answer questions in the future? I sure hope so.

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Hello everyone.

When one chapter closes, another one begins.

TheLoveGoddess has been great, so we have decided to look at changing things up a but

We have been discussing several ideas for this board. We have discussed a point - counterpoint (Therapist and a Normal Joe) concept. We have also discussed more of a Zen approach, or simply another therapist. Just something that will freshen/spice stuff up around here.

What we really need to know is what do everyone in the boards wants. Jump into this thread and lets all try to figure it out together.

And as we say.... Thanks for the support!

I appreciated having a professional who could give answers based on education and experience. She could provide links to places which gave surveys and statistics to support what she said. That helped dispell many myths, erroneous assumptions, rumors and misinformation which gets passed around on sexual subjects. I found that aspect of LG's answers to questions most helpfull.

Whatever you decide to do with the format of this section, I hope someone with professional degrees and experience will modify it for those reasons.

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I've offered up more than my share of the latter kind of advice over the years, and so have plenty of others.  But what made LG valuable to the community was her professional credentials and the fact that her comments weren't just more opinion or anecdotal experience.  Even though I think there were also many other posters on this board that also offered really good advice to people.

Based on the type of questions asked on this board, LG seemed to be filling a real need, especially with those new to the hobby, and some of the younger guys in general.

So to answer your question, I think we were lucky to have someone like her and would hope her replacement brings a similar skill set to the job.

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The problem is the majority of the medical community and mental health professionals view the hobby as a negative to your health on several levels; both for the provider and the client. Hell I went to my PC and asked for the Hep vaccination, he started to lecture me on the health risks associated with multiple partners and prostitutes.  

Once I mentioned during therapy years back about dating a stripper, my therapists asked if I had seen other sex workers and how did I feel about dating a sex worker. That is when I realized that I should not talk about the provider and porn star drama from dating them.

And I am not the only that has experienced this, I recall posts years back either here or someplace else in which a few of us shared such stories.

Since LG was so unique, the problem will be finding a qualified medical/mental health professional that does not hold such bias.

Excellent point! There aren't many mental or medical health care professionals who will give advice to hobbyists and providers without wagging their fingers at the recklessness of our behavior and encouraging us to reform. Many of them (however open-minded) might even have ethical issues with their particular professional codes of conduct in giving that type of advice without the caveat about how we are placing ourselves at great risk and MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY at the end of every answer.

I'd never heard of LG until I came here and she revealed she was a widely consulted professional. That was exactly what this section needed. I don't troll the internet for sex advisors but there must be others similar to her doing similar work out there. I enjoy Dan Savages' column when I see it but I don't think he has educational credentials comparable to LG.

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Your points are well taken.  But while LG is in the minority, she isn't the only professional with her attitude towards sex and commercial sex workers.

For example, 10 years ago I used to date a Ph.D. in Psych that had very similar attitudes towards sex and commercial sex workers, so they're out there.  This particular woman worked as a sex therapist and started out as a surrogate.

You've got to remember that LG put in her time here partly because she was finishing up her doctoral program and was also doing some research projects here.  So she had her reasons.  But there are always other people doing the same thing, so it's not an impossible task.  Difficult yes, but not impossible.  

My experience is that sex therapist are a very open minded bunch (I met quite a few of her colleagues) and wouldn't be at all judgemental in this environment.  The problem would be finding one willing to make the time commitment.

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IMHO what we need until such a LG replacement is found, is for TER to set-up a tab of LG questions&answers that she posted when she was here for the benefits of all of us.

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There is a prodigious amount of advice that is stored in this site and which is accessable by simply keying in certain words on the search feature.

I am willing to bet that 99% of any information sought will already be on here.

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True, however if we eliminated all duplicate questions and other questions and comments we have seen before the boards posts would be even less lively than they are now.

I vote for a Love Goddess look a like.


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know-it-all. If she were half as accomplished as she claims/pretends, she would not have been posting on fucking TER! Get real!

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