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GreenDot follows the law to the letter - I can't believe you're using a CC under someone else's S

Posted 1/3/2012 at 11:20:09 PM

Are you insane or just ignorant?

I'm not trying to be rude but getting a credit card under another person's name, address and social security number is highly illegal.

I suggest you cut up that card and research your options.  There are a number of pre-paid debit/credit cards if you do not have a bank account or unable to secure a credit card.

American Express Pre-Paid

...All of which accept GreenDot MoneyPak reloads.

GreenDot itself will shut a GreenDot account down fast if you make more than one cash deposit a week, a mistake a lot of escorts make.
It appears to be money laundering hence the "suspicious activitiy".


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