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it was such bad timing too.

Posted 12/31/2011 at 9:29:03 AM

it was christmas eve when i posted. I had realized it was nearing rent time and we havent worked. had no food. or money to oay rent abnd it appeared my cablke bull was up to 300 and goin on three weeks bein over due. I realized i have to work this week. {unfortunetly wouldnt we all love to never work?} so i was all worried bout egttn my ridiculous rent for this nice new luxury apt i am in. i ended up payn the cab to walgreen attempt to get money on card. gettin home realizin they are not lettn me upload money pack to the card or any card for that matter. I was panicking. had to call cab driver back to again drive me back to walgreen. luckily it was a cab driver i know and he allowed me to use his personal info address social securitymothers maiden name. i mean these green dot cards ask you so much info to provide. this particular cab driver gave me the rides free and let me use his info to get a new card the money pack card was non refundable walgreens had said so i wouldve been stuck with an unusable 160 dollars as well as no way to post. thyank goodness for nice people.

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