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Women are not locked into the pro-choice camp

Posted 8/11/2012 at 11:58:53 AM

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First, I am pro-choice.  I favor most legalized abortions, and I admit some of my political allies are on the other side.  However, we agree on most other issues.  If I were only to have allies with those who hold all my views, I would be alone.  Also, it is a very minor issue for me.  I am more concerned about 8.3% unemployment than whether Alabama tries to restrict abortions.   (This is introducition of where I am coming from, not the topic.)

That said, I have to say that although the media always says that anti-choice positions will be death of pols amoung women, it is not true that women are so strongly pro-choice as one would expect.

One of my moments of light came about 20 years ago when my SO did a phone bank for a pro-choice group in L.A. prior to the election.  Given a list of numbers to call in L.A., she was amazed at how many women were not locked into pro-choice.

I have often said that many Dems live in a bubble, and I say this because I lived in such a bubble. I never knew any pro-life. I didn't know any conservatives.  I didn't know any evangelicals or Orthodox Jews. Later I met more people, but at that time, everything I knew about them came throught the filter of the media.  Everyone one of my family was typical Jewish liberal. I lived in L.A. and most friends were teachers or entertainment or defense attorneys.  Pre-talk radio days, so NBC, CBS, NYT, LAT, ABC, ETC. There were not other outlets.

To hear my SO come back and say there were a lot of pro-life women was astounding.  

Later, I discovered that many women DO NOT favor abortion, and my assumptions were false.  to the extent that women are more liberal on abortion, that is closely tied to the fact that women tend to be Dems.  However, as an "independent" issue, women's support for those issues is not as great as one would think.



Posted By: mattradd
Ya, Ryan will be the darling of the radical far right, especially with his co-sponsoring of the Fetal Personhood bill, but I can imagine that's going to solidify Obama's advantage with women, and sway majority of independents his way, also. This bill is just one step to making abortions a crime. How many Americans want to do that?


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