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Porcelain Doll Visiting CO 6/7-13

Posted 6/7/2012 at 7:59:44 AM

From the tip of my toes to the top of my head, you'll find my petite stature will daze your senses while keeping you a prisoner to me. My soft lips draw closer to yours, as the sweet scent of honey fills your nose. Your hands meet to caress my slim curves. Lips locked. its too late to turn back, We dance blind to the bed , my humble body demands yours to connect."
I am cultured,reverent,and high class, the perfect consort for any occasion. My character is mild, and sophisticated, with a sleek, provoking, demeanor on the outside, But inside our intamite soiree you will find I am unrestrained, passionate, and sensuous. Behind closed doors I am a true celestial being, enter if you dare!
I strive for eminence in every encounter, but not just the concurrence, but every day and every moment. My ambition will always be, to be incomparible to anyone else,I promise to leave you feeling that way.  
My current stats are Long highlighted locks of Blonde, I stand 5'1 108lbs 32b-25-36. I have saphire/ocean colored eyes, and Porcelain skin with some sun kisses.


Fort collins- 6/7-9

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