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Does your computer guy suck your cock?

Posted 5/24/2011 at 6:36:08 PM

At least you get this: Escorting does not fit nicely into the model of the rest of the business world.  

And why?

In the rest of the business world everything is about negotiating the best deal, getting the most for the least, economies of scale, buying in bulk and even, sometimes, fucking others if that works to your advantage. It’s not personal. It’s “just  business”.

But, none of that requires “actually fucking” anyone, or getting naked, or really sucking someone else’s cock. In the business world you are never expected to make the most intimate of physical (in some cases, possibly genuinely emotional) aspects of your personal being available to someone else.

Providers are not selling a “widget”. And, even though it is a service, it’s not like any other you can name. You really can’t get more personal. And the same rules of engagement, as those in the rest of the business world, don't automatically apply; unless a provider wants them to. In which case, she will let you know she's open to negotiating.

“providers are notoriously bad business people”. I’m not even gonna touch that one…lol….

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