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Posted 5/18/2011 at 5:04:15 PM

Hi LG,

This is my first time asking you a question...but I have been an active reader (and poster) on this as well as the other boards.

I had met a lady about a year ago that I was immediately strongly attracted to.  Over the next year I saw her 2-4 times a month and for lengthy meetings (4-8 hours).  I was still seeing other ladies during this time, but none (well...almost none) gave me the satisfaction that this young lady did primarily in an emotional setting.  We probably breached barriers that should not have..but it did happen for a myriad of reasons (which I would be happy to disclose to your privately).  I never felt that the relationship was trending in a bad direction (meaning I didn't feel the old "I've fallen for a provider"), and she has always been a consumate professional.  But we did learn things about each other that perhaps went a bit too far (and there were extenuating circumstances how this happened).

A month ago I sat her down to discuss how I wanted to move forward for this year.  My discussion was regarding the setting of a fee structure and time structure that I thought made sense (at least from my perspective).  Additionally, I had asked if she would consider some additional type of play that previously we hadn't done (and I was aware that she hadn't offered this via reviews or in prior discussions).  At this time she seemed to be OK with my requests, and I went and saw her a couple of weeks later.  All seemed OK and the time was fine for this session.  However, when I wanted to see her a couple of weeks later, she brought up $$$ (and she had never done this before), as well as wanted to limit the time.  We hashed through this and I saw her again, and it seemed OK.

Following this session I asked her about some of the additional play items that we had discussed.  She had no interest in pursuing and suggested I find someone else to play with if that is what I was seeking.  I suspect she would be fine in continuing the arrangement as it had been...but that is the reason for this post.

I would like your input on this type of "breakup".  I have determined that either she feels that I am a problem...and would rather not deal with me.  Perhaps I am wrong, but the signals all indicate that I have become that "client that is asking for too much".  In your opinion, should I send her any type of a communication telling her that I appreciated our time together and good luck?  Or would it be best to just not communicate any further..and she will know that by my silence I have moved on?

In either case I am ready to move on.  As this was my first LTR with any provider it was an incredible experience in so many ways.  I would absolutely do this again should I meet another lady that just hits my buttons in the right ways.

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