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Is there a difference

Posted 8/1/2012 at 11:28:35 AM

between believing in something and publicly saying it, and believing in something and keeping your mouth shut?

You don't have In-n-Out burgers on the East Coast. Great burgers! They have avid followers who swear by their burgers, and they are good at a great price. My wonderful progressive sister told me something I didn't know, and I have been eating In-n-Out for years. They put bible verses on the bottom of their cups (John 3:16), burger wrappers, and the like. This is a privately held company, family owned. Come to find out they are very religious. So one could surmise that their beliefs are very much aligned with Chick-fil-a. Do you agree?

Should In-n-Out get the same treatment from mayors and the like as did Chick-fil-a. Remember In-n-Out hasn't publicly said anything, but they have the same beliefs.

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