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Re: Etiquette

Posted 10/9/2010 at 4:00:00 PM

Yeah, that is right.  I also felt like it but the girls were really hot.   I did tip them said "thanks" and it was not all free loading.


Posted By: MamboMike
Although you might get away with it, my experience (two days as late as Feb 2010) is that once you get that intimate with a girl with some DFK, breast licking, or have a finger inside her, she expects you to take her to the room or kino (cinema) to finish what you started.  Many girls allow this introductory fun, but it then becomes less clear when your time with the girl really starts, and some will include that initmate time in there calculation.  If you are not interested in her, you should probably only proceed as far as some lfk and a hug/caress.

That being said, you don't have to go to the zimmer (room) or kino (cinema) to have sex in Oase, although most do.  In one memorable session with a cute Hungarian blonde, we starteed what we finished right on the couch next to the bar, directly across from the entry door, which included bbbj, cg, and 69!

Some girls are a bit more liberal that others wrt public sex.  You just have to ask.


Posted By: chandra28
I dumped the Tea Party lunatics to worry about US and headed to FKK Oase for my second visit.   Boy, I love this place so much I am going to ask my employer (IBM) to permanently have me work in Frankfurt area.   I planned for an 8 hour stay and worked out just fine.  I like FKK Oase as the girls are not only gorgeous but very open and friendly.   I was able to kiss about 20 to 25 girls intimately and even suck their titties although I did not go with them to the room.

After shower and some breakfast, I called out this English blonde (Karen) who was walking only in her heels with her big breasts bouncing.   I liked her long legs and broad shoulders.   We groped and kissed for a while before she took me to the room.   We kissed, licked, sucked and fucked for the next 30 minutes.   Back in the lounge after getting intimate with several lovely blondes, I fell for this tall Finnish girl (Helen).   She was really tall over 6 feet with rock hard may be CC tits.   After some intense kissing and sucking her tits, she was my second girl.   We kissed and fucked for the entire 30 minutes in missionary.   I relaxed near the pool and watched some golf that was a replay of Ryder Cup where the pathetic US team got whipped.   Next was my favorite Russian blonde (Kara) who had already started to massage my neck and shoulders from behind my lounge chair.   I pulled her to the front and stretched the chair to full length.   She opened my robe and got on top of me.   I would have fucked her right there but by rules we went to her room.   I could not get enough of her mouth and tongue but we managed to have hot sex in doggie and missionary.    It was time to grab some grub.   I spotted this cute German blonde (Katrina) sitting by herself and invited her over.   We went out to the lovely lawn outside drinking beer.   We relaxed on the lawn but not for long.   She said it is OK to go for it as many Germans like to screw the girls outdoors.   After kissing her and sucking her big breasts I was ready.   She rode me CG and she was way too hot.   We switched and I fucked her in Missionary for the remaining time.   I went and took another shower and changed my robe.   I answered phone messages and some texting before I was ready for the next girl.    I passed a Middle Eastern, a Japanese and a Samoan as they are not my kind.    I went and asked at front if there was any Ukaranian girl working.   I got hooked up with this Ukaranian blonde (Petra).   She had just checked in and I was glad she was fresh.   We relaxed in the lounge talking and sipping drink before we got intimate.   Petra smelled great from top to bottom.   When she asked if I liked her D breasts and oversize nipples, I did not say anything but began to suck them.   We took our pleasure inside to her room.   Petra is a great kisser and she loves mish!   What else I was waiting for.   I doubled our time and it was one heck of an hour with this girl.   We did everything, tried every position and came out exhausted.   I had two hours left and wanted to have a last fling.   To my surprise, Petra introduced me to her other Ukaranian friend (Maria) who was equally gorgeous and well endowed.   It was even better and Maria was way too horny.   We did lot of things in the lounge that other couples did not even try.   Finally we hit her room and I told Maria I just want to fuck her.   It was all missionary until the time was up.   I for one really exhausted after 8 hours and fucking six gorgeous girls.  


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