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Re:Democrats and mainstream media are hypocrites

Posted 4/12/2004 at 1:08:44 AM

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You are misinformed, though I reject your straw man.  It's not that "Republicans always [do] the bidding of Democrats and 'mainstream media'"; it's that SOME Republicans do SOMEtimes.  Witness media panderers John McCain and John "Foghorn Leghorn" Warner.

Santorum survived for a number of reasons.  First, his comments were not succesfully spun as "gay-bashing"; second, who cares, anyway?

And my point wasn't that you were necessarily wrong.  My point was that, BUT FOR the media firestorm and race-baiting, Lott would have survived in his leadership post.  A related point is that it demonstrates the gutlessness of the GOP for getting rid of ineffectual legislative leaders.  There was plenty of desire to push on the part of some of his colleagues; no one would have had the guts to do so absent the media and Democrat race-baiting.

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