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Calling me the Dean of Political Commentary is like calling willy a drug-free Republican . . .

Posted 6/12/2012 at 2:31:56 PM

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And yes, cranky may be a good word to describe my feelings of late.  Cranky after seeing all the mudslinging back and forth between both the Presidential candidates and the liberal and conservative loons on this board.

While I still think that President Obama has no one to blame but himself if he fails to get re-elected -- and still feel that he will win by taking the majority of the swing states -- I do see a way in which Romney can win.

Of course, it will mean that A) Obama will have to make more "Romney-esque" statements like he did on Friday ("The private sector is doing fine") and B) Romney will need to keep his mouth shut as often as possible.

Romney will get the usual big bounce from his convention but Obama gets the last at-bat and will ride a big wave of popularity after dazzling the world again with a great and theatric speech in the football stadium in Charlotte.

Romney has the door to victory slightly ajar but will have to hit on all cylinders to open it any further.

And maybe I'll finally start hitting the ball straight again, avoid the dreaded three-putt greens and get laid once in while.  Best way to alleviate crankiness.

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