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Willie - found you post - and the difference between us

Posted 6/10/2012 at 5:34:13 AM

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There is a non-traitor reason.
Many people honestly believe that raising the minimum wage would discourage people from hiring entry level employees who may not be worth much.  

You may disagree, but you can be a non-traitor and believe something different.

Finally, here is the difference between us.  I understand that you have good intentions in wanting to raise the minimum wage, even though I think you are wrong and it will end up hurting people.  But the merits aside, I do not credit you with bad motives.

I can even see your arguments.  Hire people, give them money, they spend it..... I just don't think it works that way.

I feel the same for almost every lib I know.  I think Obama wants what is good in his mind.  I just disgree with it and think it will hurt.  But his motives are not evil.  (Even taking it to the extreme, if he wants to lessens the US role in the world, his ultimate motive is a better world.)

You and other Dems think I am motivated by evil.  We want money for ourselves. We don't care if children starve. We don't care if people live under bridges.
You cannot see that we do care but have different solutions.

Here is a test: What do you think conservatives would do about hungry children?  Do you even really understand our thoughts beyond bumper-sticker, "Starve a kid, vote GOP."

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