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Remember I am criticizing the way you presented the story,

Posted 6/9/2012 at 4:40:45 AM

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not the underlying actual events which we do not know yet.

     As bad as the tabloid report were -by making it seem the police knowingly tasered a pregnant woman for a parking violation - at least they buried in their reports the one key fact that would make the tasing prima facie lawful- that she was attempting to drive away from the scene in violation of the cop's command.

       You cut and pasted the story so as to leave that out. Sorry but the NY Times is not going to be hiring you anytime soon- even the National Enquirer printed the cop's reason for the tasering   LOL.

      But to answer your question "would be any just reason for tasing her given what we do know from the news stories?" the answer is the tabloid reports do not give us the second key fact we need to make this judgment - was she endangering herself or others by attempting to flee. I would be willing to bet that the police report - and the separate Use of Force report  that this officer will be required to complete - will say that there was a crowd standing in front of the car and the cop feared for their safety.

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