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You are turning into a "One Trick Topic Pony"

Posted 6/7/2012 at 8:33:35 PM

I've never met anyone more consumed by a topic, and that individual does not even live in California. I sure hope your basketball game and sex life have more moves than your current affair topics.

First, I really don't give a shit about Stockton. Second, let them file for bankruptcy. That's what it's there for. Third, they could have followed San Jose and San Diego. They just passed measures this past Tuesday limiting their "LEGACY" costs. Both passed with close to 70% approval. Unions plan to fight it in court. There are options. Remember we talked about legacy costs being the biggest burden on local and state governments.

You really haven't thought this issue through, have you? I don't even think Prop 13 is even relevant. Back in 1979 Stockton was nothing but a dirt town in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. Think mari, when did most of Stockton's growth occur? When did most of Stockton's housing growth occur? What were the assessed values of those homes when they were built? What happened shortly after this massive building boon? Stockton is reassessing property values from a high of $350K to about $150K. That is the value of the property. Nothing to do with Prop 13.

Do your research before you come to class tomorrow.

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