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Huh? As a Small Biz Owner and Property Owner...

Posted 6/7/2012 at 9:11:37 AM

...I own two corporations, do this for fun and income along with being an independent contractor at my "day job."

I own a home here in Nevada along with property in the Midwest along with stocks and other investments so there's no way I could get away with not paying taxes.

That said, I certainly do give a sh*t ton of my money to the feds.  

Along with tithing to my church,  donating to human rights organizations along with donating large amounts of time to organizations, lobbying, campaigning, doing phone banks, etc...  

Not trying to be a show off, but these are things that truly do make me happy.  If you know me, you'll know these aspects are HUGE parts of my life.

Do I enjoy paying taxes?  Errrrrrrggghhhh.....  yes and no.  It's painful to give a big chunk of my money away, yes.  It's upsetting that others don't pay their taxes.  But that's none of my business, really.  

After sending those quarterly payments away, painful as they are, I do feel better knowing that I've done my deed as a citizen.

Until things change, if they ever do, I do what the feds ask to me do.  :)


Posted By: slowslowslow
Do you send 30 or 40% of your income to the feds?

I didnt think so.....

Like most parasites looking to steal other people's money, you dont have the courage to do it yourself.  Instead you use politicians to do it for you.

Ironically, you are a free market capitalist but dont support (via your proxies) the free market for others.


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