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Is Obama and Company going to renounce violence? NO

Posted 6/6/2012 at 12:21:45 PM

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A lot of times when ever a nut on the right says something provocative, the hue and cry goes up that people on the right have to renounce the hate talk of be tied to it.  Palin didn't say anything about bulls' eyes on maps targeting districts, so she is responsible for the Congresswoman in AZ.

Talk radio says things that may cause anger and "responsible" politicians have to distance themselves from it.

There are dozens of examples.

No, it seems the loons on the left are involved in a "Kill Walker" campaign.  Here is one reference, although if you google the phrase, you will got others.

Is Obama going to call for calm and renounce the language of violence and anger?  Is Pelosi or Reed?  Is one Dem member of congress?  Rachel Maddow, where are you?  Ed Schultz, you there.

Or does the rule only apply to one side?

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