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Have you considered the ramifications of what that means, Snow?

Posted 6/4/2012 at 1:09:37 PM

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You've mentioned before how much you make annually. While I know you have a comfortable income, you're not making anything close to what Jamie Dimon is making.

Does that mean that Dimon is a better human being than you are?

If we live in a society where wealth is concentrated at the top, as is the case in the United States (we have the kind of income inequality on par with a third world nation in Africa), then what does that mean for the rest of society? What does that mean for the nation's economy as a whole? If capital is moving in one direction: into the hands of the already fabulously wealthy, and not cycling back into the economy, then how can we have sustained economic growth?

Would you rather be a rich man in a poor country, or would you rather be a slightly less rich man in a rich country? Why do rich people in poor countries move here, when their wealth in the USA will only buy them a middle class or upper middle class life style?

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