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Bc the amount of tax that you pay relative to other states

Posted 6/1/2012 at 5:02:01 PM

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is completely irrelevant to the problem.

      You have spent more money than you have. You have bought things and the bill has now come due.
Your deficit, legacy costs, and prison obligations  are so huge that no single solution - tax, cut spending, grow the economy - will work. You have to do ALL of the above. But only taxing and cutting spending is directly in your control.
    So you have to tax more and cut more than you want, even if you end up paying more taxes than any other state. Now the problem with raising taxes is it may hurt the economy and cause tax payers to flee the state. Except for raising the property tax - nobody is going to leave the state if their property tax bill is increased for the obvious reason that they can't the real property with them.

    So property tax is the low hanging fruit that will solve your problem. Just by excepting corporations from Prop 13, you get EIGHT BILLION A YEAR.  In two years your 2101 deficit is solved without raising the other taxes.

      Come on- admit that this is a GREAT IDEA. I have to convince you and St, Croix first before I can move on to the rest of the population of California, LOL.

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